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Hi I'm Amber

Purpose Driven | Jesus Following | Natural Health Advocate | Encourager | Soul Activator

Hi I’m Amber, the Essential Wellness Coach and founder of Upscale for Life!

Do you know that God has a purpose for each believer's life?

Right now you are experiencing a tough time in life, doing things afraid, feeling doubtful in decisions, and seeking quick fixes from various sources; something is holding you back from living with peace, confidence, and assurance. The beautiful thing is that we have been uniquely created and given a calling by God but if you are experiencing tough times in life and struggle with feelings of fear and doubt, God wants you to know the hope to which He has called you (Ephesians 1:18) whereas the enemy wants to keep you in this dysfunction- which is like a hamster wheel.

As believers and followers of Christ, it is essential that we understand what He has called us to do and to walk in it daily. Embarking on this journey to self-discovery with the Holy Spirit and with upscale life-support, your unique identity as a member of the same body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:12) becomes clear, it's where fear and doubt get crushed, where pain goes and where healing and dreams come to life.

I am a health and wellness coach for women who struggle in everyday living that are living life in fear and doubt, experiencing physical sufferings, and who are stuck. I guide them through a faith-based system that crushes fears, lead them to take bold steps, and provide support so they can live their dreams and divine calling.

Life of Freedom | Activation | Purpose

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  • Don't miss your miracle! After the 2nd session, I began to feel relief and strength. Amber's knowledge of essential oils are beyond comprehension, plus her encouragement has allowed me movement again in my walk, both physically and spiritually.

    Georgina Seturino
  • I loved the use of the step-by-step process and the fruit of the work, I was challenged. I wold recommend this process!

    Anna Tsai
  • I've been doing so many things afraid. Amber was so patient, kind and discerning while walking me through this process.

    Audrey Ostoyic
  • Her resources that she provides to help you in your spiritual growth are very powerful and life changing if you commit to doing the work. It will help put you on the path that God is calling you to.

    Jolynn Gray