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3 Reasons Why I Started Using Essential Oils


You have heard the rave about essential oils, but why do people use them? There are 3 clear reasons why I started using essential oils. 

I became interested in natural and alternative methods of health-care as a young adult. By the time I became a mom to three boys it was important for me to find healthy natural products. 

The 3 Reasons Why I Started Using Essential Oils:

· Smell 

· Health benefits 

· Versatility 

The Smell 

The first reason that attracted me and why I started using essential oils was for the smell. I love things that smell good. Have you ever grabbed a peppermint leaf and rubbed it between your fingers to smell the sweet aroma? During this process of rubbing the leaf, you are breaking open the oil sacs that naturally occur on the leaf. The smell is so concentrated that within seconds after rubbing the leaf or taking off an essential oil bottle’s cap, the smell is detected.woman smelling hands

This is a simple example of expressing the essence of the plant’s oil. The plant’s essence is also taken from other parts of the plant, such as the bark, branches, petals, rind of citrus fruit, roots, and sap.

What is there not to love about nature’s fresh aroma?

These aromatic molecules pack a punch. They help open your breathing, help change the mood -emotionally- in the room, and freshen -purify- the air, all just by the way they smell. This reminds me of how the Holy Spirit works. He can swoop into a room and deposit a change into the atmosphere. This potentially purifies the mood with the essence of peace as we take another breath because of how great He is.

Can I get an Amen!?! 

I quickly learned that I could ditch the ol’ Bath & Body spray and lotion for an oil. Common perfumes and fragrances contain chemical ingredients to keep them lingering longer whether in the air or on your skin. These know and unknown chemicals pose a health concern systemically to our body as we breathe them in and as they get absorbed into the skin.

Pure essential oils on the other hand are volatile. This means they evaporate quickly. Because of this factor, you may have to reapply your chosen essential oil-perfume a time or two throughout your day. This is a minor inconvenience. Reapplying a less toxic option is more beneficial to help reduce the body’s toxic load.

Health Benefits

Essential oils have many health benefits and address various body systems:

  • skin
  • cardiovascular
  • nervous
  • pulmonary (breathing)
  • urinary
  • muscular-skeletal
  • even our emotions


The advantage is they handle the body’s condition at its root cause. They are effective and pass through cells membranes. This means they work with the body’s issue at a cellular level, not a band-aid solution. With prescripted and OTC medication created from isolated synthetic agents, there are side effects, both known and unknown. 

Essential oils contain high natural chemical profiles and concentration levels. There are hundreds of different compounds utilizing complex and versatile abilities to combat threats without building up resistance. 

Because of their high chemical profile and concentration level, it is best to use less oil and apply it more frequently. I will use my experience with my son as an example. The example will help clarify the oil application I used as well as the health benefit of using essential oils as an alternative health-care option. 

I received a phone call from the school nurse saying my son was not feeling well, and I need to pick him up. I read his temperature once we got home, and it was above the normal range. My knee-jerk reaction was to go to my medicine cabinet -which I did- for the children’s Tylenol and fever reducer. After taking inventory of what I had in the cabinet, I notice the syrup expired. I then proceeded to pour it out, money down the drain. At this point, I needed to help my son feel comfortable as soon as possible. Dragging him to the drug store was not an option. I was in desperate mama-mode. I recently got my hands on these pure oils and remembered hearing that Peppermint was good to help cool the body.

peppermint leaf

Learning that Peppermint is a spicy oil, it needed diluting. Especially for children. I followed the suggested: 1-2 drops of Peppermint oil with about a teaspoon of fractionated coconut oil. I then applied the oil every 15-25 minutes to his feet bottoms and his spine until his temperature was back in an acceptable range. In doing this for about an hour, he fell asleep. After his nap, he felt better, and by the afternoon, he felt well enough to go outside to play. I continued to monitor his condition through the night. The next day was a school day, and he was well enough to attend. As a mother who wants to minimize unnecessary over-the-counter drugs, I was so grateful. I accomplished this by using safe, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, never leaving home.

boy and mom applying essential oils

It is empowering, as a mother, to have alternative options at my fingertips. Options that line up with my values and belief. I truly feel blessed to have access to these oils. Any bit can help to bring our body’s into a more healthy state naturally. I believe with proper nutrition, hydration, clear mental health, knowing your sense of purpose and the assistance of these liquid-plants, it is possible.

As Revelations 22:2 says, the leaves are healing for our nation. I, too, think they are to help us heal at the cellular level of our being. 

Because there are no addictive properties in essential oils, they are safe to use regularly without the concern of becoming addicted; unless you consider wanting to own every essential oil an addiction (hehehe). But seriously speaking, there are cautions to be aware of when getting started with essential oils.

Cost-effectiveness as a health benefit. When you have access to the oils in your own home, diaper bag, desk, car, or purse, it is super convenient. There is no need to stress out, running to the convenient-store at 11 p.m. to grab an over-the-counter drug. Instead, the first feeling of a tickle in your throat, the tension in your head, bloating in your tummy, you can grab a bottle of oil and use it immediately. The benefit you get is quick relief; saving your time and money.

Essential oils are fast-acting. Because they work at the cellular level, the cells are triggered and respond quickly, if not immediately. There is no need to wait 20-30 minutes for a pill to dissolve in your stomach to then begin feeling relief. 


The versatility seems endless and I like that I can use one bottle of oil for multiple purposes. Again, this is cost-effective, pennies per dose, helping me save money where it does not need to spend. 

Here is a moderate list of uses for essential oils:

  • Clean surfaces
  • Purify the air
  • Replace toxic air fresheners
  • Replace common household cleaners
  • Replace some over the counter drugs
  • Flavor baked goods and foods
  • Add to beverages.
  • Use as personal scent, and so on

Here is a chart demonstrating the versatility of a single oil:

graph essential oil versatility


The uses don’t stop there. They can be used on pets, babies, and people with sensitivities. Particular cautions are to be taken of course, especially using them on animals, children, and sensitive health conditions while under the care of a doctor or on medication.

The Best Essential Oils 

I do not trust my health to any essential oil brand. The best essential oils I have found and use are the dōTERRA brand.  

There are plenty of oils out there that claim to be pure or 100% natural. There is only one most tested brand I trust. The plants are grown and harvested in their natural habitat. They are then verified extensively through a third party to be pure, free of fillers, producing authenticity and potency. 

There are two options for purchasing. I have found having a wholesale account works best for me. Because I use them every day for various reasons and occasions I make frequent purchases. Having access to the products at the wholesale rate is more economical rather than purchasing them at the regular retail rate -which is the second option.

doterra wholesale benefits

If you are ready to have the best essential oils at your disposal please reach out to me. I help women get started with their personal wholesale dōTERRA account and answer lingering questions.

You can reach me via email at or on Facebook Messenger or on Instagram private message.

Wellness & Blessings, Amber – Success Health Mentor