I was afraid life was passing me by and praise God I found my purpose and reason for living.

Now I am creating my dreams into reality and living with purpose by helping others do the same.

I help Christian women get unstuck and live their dreams and desires so they can live healthy and happy in their business, life, and faith.  

There was a point in my life that my heart knew there was something more to life.

I always knew God existed, but in my youth, I never nurtured a relationship with him. It wasn’t until August of 2015 where I decided to rededicate my life and surrender it to the Lord. Once I chose to follow Jesus, this is where my life’s purpose began unveiling itself to me, and my purpose became apparent.

I have always been interested and fascinated by natural and alternative remedies or therapies; the Lord has given me the passion for whole-body health and wellness, healing aspects of the spirit, mind, and body.  Having this awareness and raising three boys, I want to protect myself and my family’s health naturally, with minimal pharmaceuticals as well as leave a legacy for them to be proactive in their health care choices, as well as helping serve others in this arena.  

Witnessing the current lack of self-preservation and placing confidence and hope in the medical system for mental and physical health care and healing, I believe we need to be advocates for our health and wellness and seek counsel as well as healing from our source -the Holy Spirit- above, before and along with any remedy, method or intervention.

As for me, I have gone ahead on the journey and know what it takes to move forward, to find healing and to live with purpose. As a college graduate from Arizona State with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and as a certified Massage Therapist, I am committed to guiding women with the knowledge and resources I have learned through my education, through wisdom and understanding from the Holy Spirit, as well from personal experiences.

Women that are wanting and desiring a change, to uplevel their life and to walk it out with divine grace will benefit from the Upscale Life-Support and process.

I still see massage clients and run my massage business here in San Diego – Upscale Mobile Massage- which continues to nourish me with relationships, awareness, and knowledge.

Because I am a creative educator and encourager, I make the faith-based education and healing aspect of my coaching program interactive, appealing, safe, engaging, and effective. I am honored and blessed by every opportunity I get to come alongside and help support and serve a sister in Christ to identify her purpose, heal various aspects of herself, and create a plan to live our her destiny.

I hope to have the pleasure to work with you and support you along an Upscale journey that chooses a Life of Freedom, Activation & Purpose

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Wellness & Blessings,