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  • “During a very tough time in my life I decided to seek Christian guidance and support. Amber was handpicked by God just for me to do beyond what I was even expecting. She not only provided great guidance but gave me lifelong tools I could use for the rest of my life. I am no longer dependent on people or "quick fixes" but I am dependent on God and the natural resources he provides for us here on Earth. Her oils and prayer is a gift that keeps giving long after it is first received. Thank you Amber for allowing God to use you and for going above and beyond what was required!”

    Kimberly Gladden-Eversley Spiritual Confidence Coach
  • “Don't miss your miracle! After the 2nd session, I began to feel relief and strength. Amber's knowledge of essential oils is beyond comprehension, plus her encouragement has allowed me movement again in my walk, both physically and spiritually.

    Georgina Seturino Addiction Counselor
  • I’ve been doing so many things afraid. Even though I was busting down the doors of fear there was still something holding me back. During my time with Amber it was revealed that DOUBT was what was holding me back from breaking through some walls in my business. We worked onfaith building exercises and today I have the tools I need to keep doubt far away from me. Amber was so patient, kind and discerning while walking me through this process. I’m now taking on clients, putting myself out there more, not doubting myself and what God has called me to do. Now my SEO coaching and consulting business is exploding and I’m walking in what God has called me to do, with faith and confidence.

    Audrey Ostoyic- SEO Coach and Consultant Founder of
  • What I love most about working with Amber is her patience, ability to assess a situation very quickly and effectively that you may be dealing with, her genuine care for me and my spiritual growth. Her resources that she provides to help you in your spiritual growth are very powerful and life changing if you commit to doing the work. It will help put you on the path that God is calling you to.I highly recommend Amber, she has helped me to see a different side of God that I have not known before. Through her mentoring, I was introduced to the way God sees me just as I am right now with my flaws and all and yet he still cares for me and cherishes me. I believe now that I have value in this world and I am needed.

    Jolynn Gray Commercial Real Estate Professional
  • I would recommend this process! I was challenged and encouraged by Amber and I loved the use of the step-by-step process and the fruit of the work; the essential oils really made a difference too. One of my biggest takeaways was the reduction in thoughts of bitterness.

    Anna Tsani Music Artist


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