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Why Use Essential Oils For Emotional Health

God has equipped us with an array of emotions. Experiencing them is not necessarily wrong as long as we don’t stay stuck in any one of them. This is where essential oils can help with our emotional health and wellbeing.

Why Use Essential Oils For Emotional Health:

Our emotions quickly respond to natural solutions such as essential oils. When we have them in our home or carry them on ourselves, accessibility is key in helping us bounce back quicker into a healthy mental-emotional state.

React Quickly

Essential oils react quickly in our bodies. Depending on which oil you use they help uplift, restore, soothe, and calm the mood or emotion. As we smell the oil, within seconds signals are being triggered and messages are being sent to various systems of the body. During a heightened state of emotions, we typically are triggered to what was said or what happened. What we need is a tool to react quickly on behalf of our feelings so we can bounce back to a healthy mental-emotional level. We are directed not to sin in our anger and not let it control us. I believe God gives us this directive for anger but to also exercise it across the whole board of our emotions. What we think about most will grow at a neurological level. Hence, gaining a foothold in our mind and producing probable physical harm to our body if we hold on.

                                                                      Ephesians 4:26

                 NIV In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry,


NLT And “don’t sin by letting anger control you.” Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry,

The physical and chemical properties of these volatile aromatic compounds allow them to quickly enter the gas state, move through the air, and directly interact with olfactory sensors in the nose. Thus having an immediate reaction at a cellular and neurological level.

As the aroma is inhaled through the nostrils, its molecular airborne particles are detected in various parts of the brain. The limbic system in the brain is where our emotions, motivation, behavior, memory, and learning are stored and generated.

Here is a metaphor I like to use for how essential oils assist a quicker response to emotional healing. Imagine the toxic emotion as a weed with its roots in the earth. Now imagine the earth’s soil as solid clay where the root is embedded and stuck in it. If you are a gardener coming to pluck that weed out from the earth it will most likely break off and the root stays behind. However, if we water the soil to help loosen the hard impacted clay from the roots it will ease through for plucking.

Essential oils are similar to how the water loosened the root. We sometimes need to have our heart soften and our mind eased around an embedded emotion in order for the Lord to help heal that particular wound. Think of the essential oils as a softening agent for emotional roots.

Natural Solution

Much like prayer, essential oils are a natural solution and a less toxic approach to our healthcare. The side-benefits to such alternatives out weight the harmful side-effects of the unhealthy habits of conventional or secular methods.

Therapeutic grade essential oils are derived from plants. Their chemical makeup of each plant varies thus affecting us at an individual level physically and emotionally.  Although some essential oils are marketed as 100% natural, I urge you to use caution. Many brands are cut and altered with harmful chemicals or solvents negating them from being natural and safe.

We have a tendency to adopt unhealthy habits to cope with the uncomfortableness and to avoid the “pain” of the emotion.

While unhealthy habits look different for each of us some examples can look like unnecessary shopping, indulging in unhealthy eating or not eating, relying on the comfort of a particular person, place, or thing, consumption of alcohol, dependence on caffeine or energy drinks, smoking tobacco or marijuana, prescripted or over-the-counter medication, excessive time on social media or electronic games, binge-watching movies, toxic or hopeless thinking, procrastination, and the list goes on.

This can be said about essential oils and developing an unhealthy-habit of dependency with them. Don’t become over-consumed to think that you need them in order to heal and overcome. Nothing is to take the place of our Jehovah Rapha – The Lord that Heals.

It’s important to find healthy and safe methods to help counteract negative feelings. No I don’t mean to numb ourselves from going through, acknowledging, and processing.  The point I want to make here is that not all methods of dealing with stress, fear, doubt, anger, or other negative emotions are healthy. We want to first go to the Lord with our emotional disturbance and above all else, seek His truth in the matter.


Essential oils appear to be available at every big box and health food store. This is not necessarily the accessibility I am talking about.  The aspect I’m talking about is having essential oils accessible and at your disposal anytime and anywhere.

As mentioned before to use caution when purchasing. Just because a health food store is selling the product does not deem it as therapeutic grade. Although this is where I started and purchased my first essential oil, so I fully understand if this is where you are starting.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to the dōTERRA essential oil brand where I learned about quality. Now, this is the only oil I use, recommend, and sell. Having high-quality oils in my home has literally been God-sent for me and my family. I truly use them daily whether it’s for a sore throat, a headache or muscle ache, an emotional upset, my son’s upset tummy, or for cleaning.

We never know when we will experience the next emotional upset. I feel blessed to have access to a natural and powerful tool. I don’t have to wait around wondering and hoping whether I can shake it off. By integrating the essential oils into my healthcare I get to be proactive and take immediate action without leaving my home or picking up the phone. For me this is convenience at its best.

Essential Oil Application

When it comes to applying essential oils for gaining emotional health the method I use and recommend is to use them aromatically. I do like to use this method because it’s easy and it can be done anywhere. I also like to use it when I journal, upon waking or just before sleeping, during prayer, and when mama needs a mental timeout.

Use a diffuser that emits a fine mist into the room’s atmosphere. This helps shift the mood so to speak. Depending on the oil being used, the space can promote a calming or an uplifting and energized feeling.

Wear oil like perfume. Apply the oil to the pulse points such as the inside wrist or elbow, behind the ears, base of the skull, or on the chest. You can also add the oil to an unscented lotion or carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil and rub it on your upper body.

woman smelling hands

Inhale by placing 1-2 drops in your hand, rub palms together, cup hands over nose and inhale slowly 3-5 times. During this time is where I like to recite a bible verse, a positive affirmation, or what I am grateful for.

Jewelry pieces with lava beads such as bracelets, necklaces, or earrings are a fun way to carry the oil on you. Add the oil of choice to the lava bead and wear it throughout the day.


What Oils For What Emotional Feeling

There are various oils that help uplift, restore, soothe, and calm the mood or emotion. Here is a modest list of a few of my favorite. You can use a single oil, a blend or a combination.

UPLIFTING OILS – are used to elicit feelings of exhilaration and refreshment while encouraging a sense of inspiration.


CALMING OILS – are classic oils for feelings of relaxation, both physically and mentally. These oils are typically used for stress relief, meditation, and preparation for sleep.


SOOTHING OILS  – These are oils that help ease and alleviate issues, both emotional and physical. They are meant to reassure and console as needed.


Essential oils are just one tool to help promote stable emotional health. I advocate having multiple tools in your tool-box and to exercise them regularly. Healthy-habits like quality sleep, spiritual quiet time,  a health-promoting diet, intentional movement and getting time outside in the sun are an important part of feeling emotionally healthy.

Utilizing multiple health-habits in conjunction with essential oil use can help promote better emotional health overall and narrow the gap of recovery.

I mentioned before about using prayer during times of emotional upset. Go directly to the Heavenly Father first to vent. There have been many occasions where I take my frustration to him and give him an earful. I talk to him through my thoughts as if he were in front of me. He knows what we are experiencing anyway. Getting it off your mind immediately helps keep it from forming a foothold. This is a healthier approach than keeping it bottled up inside.

I hope this blesses you, today sister! Remember to take a deep breath of your oils and keep your eyes on the Lord.

If you are interested in having the highest quality of therapeutic grade essential oils in your home I’d be happy to help you with your first order of dōTERRA. Schedule a free Discovery Health Call with me to get started with the oils and discover a way to break your unhealthy habit. Hit the button below to schedule!

Until next time, wellness & blessings!